Review: Furmax Office Chair Mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Desk Chair

Picture this – you’re on the hunt for an ergonomic office chair that won’t punch your wallet. Enter the Furmax ergonomic office chair, a budget-friendly contender in the world of ergonomic office chairs under $200. But is it the real deal or just another pretty face? Let’s dive into the unboxing adventure and assembly saga to find out.

Discover ergonomic comfort on a budget with the Furmax Office Chair! Priced under $200, its sturdy build and lumbar support shine. Despite some sizing quirks and carpet rolling issues, the Furmax stands tall as an affordable contender in the world of ergonomic office chairs.

Unboxing and Assembly Experience

Cracking open the Furmax box is like opening a treasure chest. Initial impressions? Solid packaging and a promise of comfort. Assembling it is a story of its own – user reviews commend its IKEA-level simplicity. A breeze for DIY enthusiasts and a manageable task for the not-so-handy. Quick tip: scan the QR code for assembly videos, unless you fancy deciphering hieroglyphics

Design and Build Quality

Now, let’s talk structure. Furmax flaunts sturdy plastic components that defy the flimsy chair stereotype. The seat cushion, a pleasant surprise – firm yet forgiving. But here’s the hitch for our curvier comrades; the seat might feel like a skinny jean, not leaving much room for your comfy curves. However, the backrest steals the show, offering a lumbar support dance for your spine.

Sizing and Comfort Considerations

We can’t overlook the importance of size and comfort. Petite users rejoice; the Furmax might just cradle you like a cozy nest. Taller folks, however, might experience a bit of a squeeze, especially in the leg department. And for our curvy crew, beware of the chair’s narrow hips! A touch too svelte for some, but others might find solace in its form-hugging design.

Mobility and Wheels Performance

Time for a roll call – wheels that could traverse Mount Everest? Not quite. While they’re tough, the Furmax chair hits a snag on low-pile carpets. Expect a bit of a struggle. But hey, if your office is carpet-free or you fancy a workout rolling your chair, this might just be a non-issue.

Price-Performance Ratio

The price tag – the elephant in the room. Furmax, the underdog, claims its spot in the affordable ergonomic kingdom. Is it the crown jewel? Users seem to think so. Under $200 for an ergonomic throne? Bargain alert! Yet, in this budget beauty, there lies a cautionary tale. Some users report long-term durability concerns, a compromise to consider in the pursuit of pocket-friendly ergonomics.

Critical Feedback and Long-term Durability

Time to address the elephants lingering in the room. While the Furmax might tick most boxes, it’s not without its hiccups. Users have raised concerns about its size, or lack thereof, and the return process, a dance that feels choreographed for anything but a full refund. And then there’s the long-term relationship – whispers of instability and a seat that seems to have a “rocking” ambition. Some users have even gone so far as to say it’s destined for the curb, a fate no chair deserves.

Pros & Cons


Affordability: Priced under $200, the Furmax offers budget-friendly ergonomic comfort.

Sturdy Build: Users appreciate the solid construction of the chair, particularly the durable plastic components.

Ease of Assembly: Unboxing and putting together the Furmax is a hassle-free experience, earning points for user-friendly assembly.

Lumbar Support: The backrest design provides commendable lumbar support, addressing a common concern in ergonomic chairs.

Versatile Sizing: While it may not suit everyone, the Furmax accommodates petite users comfortably, making it inclusive for different body types.

Wheel Durability: The wheels, though not carpet-friendly, are praised for their overall durability and performance on other surfaces.


Narrow Seat: Some users, particularly those with wider hips, find the seat a bit too snug, affecting overall comfort.

Height and Size Quirks: Taller users may experience discomfort, and the chair might feel a bit small for some individuals, impacting the overall sizing suitability.

Carpet Rolling Issues: The chair’s wheels struggle on low-pile carpets, making it less than ideal for users with carpeted office spaces.

Durability Concerns: Long-term durability comes under scrutiny, with reports of instability and potential seat issues cropping up after extended use.

Return Process Challenges: Users have reported difficulties with the return process, with potential hurdles to receiving a full refund.

Limited Neck Support: The chair’s backrest design may leave taller individuals with a lack of neck support, affecting overall comfort during extended use.

Potential Squeaking: Some users report squeaking issues, which could impact the overall user experience over time.

Armrest Height: The armrests, leaning on the lower side, may not align comfortably with standard keyboard trays or desktops, requiring adjustments for optimal use.

Firm Seat Cushion: While some appreciate the firmness, others find the seat cushion less forgiving, potentially causing discomfort during prolonged use.

Potential Long-term Stability Issues: Reports of the chair leaning or feeling unstable after a few months of use raise concerns about its long-term stability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the Furmax Office Chair suitable for taller individuals?

While the Furmax accommodates various body types, some taller users may find it a bit snug, impacting the overall comfort. It’s advisable to check the dimensions and consider individual preferences.

Q: Are the wheels suitable for all floor types?

The Furmax chair’s wheels perform well on most surfaces, but users have reported challenges on low-pile carpets. Consider your office flooring and potential adjustments, like carpet-friendly replacement wheels.

Q: How is the assembly process for the Furmax Office Chair?

Users praise the Furmax for its straightforward assembly. The package includes clear instructions, and there’s a QR code for assembly videos, making the process user-friendly even for those not accustomed to furniture assembly.

Q: What is the return process like for the Furmax chair?

Some users have reported challenges with the return process, with potential complications for a full refund. It’s advisable to review the return policy before purchase and ensure it aligns with your expectations.

 Q: Does the Furmax Office Chair offer neck support?

While the chair provides commendable lumbar support, taller individuals have noted a lack of neck support due to the backrest design. Consider personal comfort preferences and potential adjustments for extended use.


In the grand scheme of ergonomic office chairs under $200, the Furmax ergonomic office chair plays the role of the budget-friendly protagonist. With a robust build, lumbar support to write home about, and a price tag that won’t break the bank, it’s certainly a contender in the affordable ergonomic arena. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Size quirks, carpet rolling woes, and durability concerns are the caveats of this budget romance. So, if you’re looking for ergonomic dreams on a budget, the Furmax might just be the humble hatchback you need – gets the job done without burning a hole in your pocket, but don’t expect a luxury ride.